This dream catcher is more beautiful than the actual photo. I was blown away just how beautiful this dream catcher is. I’m buying another one. Why? Just because it’s so beautiful.
Was very impressed for the price. I paid less for this one than I did for a smaller less ornate handmade "catcher" years ago.. I really love it. it is going to be used as décor in my living room.
It looks beautiful on my daughter’s bedroom wall, good quality too.

Dream Catchers for Sale Online

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What Is a Dream Catcher?

You’ve probably seen a cool dream catcher hanging from a tree, a porch or even in a native Indian store and wondered about its purpose and meaning.

Read the full article about tribal dream catcher’s meaning and symbolism.

The authentic dreamcatchers were traditionally made by an Indian tribe, the Ojibwa tribe, who lived in Canada and North America area.

Sometimes referred to as “Sacred Hoops”, Ojibwe handcrafted dream catchers were originally used as talismans to protect sleeping people, usually children, from bad dreams and nightmares.

The purpose the authentic Indian dream catcher is to protect you from nightmares.

Real Dream Catcher Legend

The real dream catcher legend says that when a person goes to sleep the Indian handmade dream catchers will attract all the dreams. Nightmares get trapped inside the web.

Good dreams pass through and slide down the feathers of the dream catcher to reach the person sleeping.

When morning comes and the dreamcatcher is exposed to light, the bad dreams dissolve and disappear. They cannot survive in daylight.

How To Make a Dreamcatcher?

Because of its beautiful design, many people started making their own unique handcrafted dream catcher as a hobby and for room decoration.

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Authentic Dreamcatchers for Sale:

  • Native American – Traditional dream catcher design like the ones that the Indian tribe used.
  • Small Dreamcatcher – The size of these is quite small, which make it easy to travel with and is ideal for a gift.
  • Large Dreamcatcher – These are suitable for wedding decoration or general celebration events, or even your living room but could be a bit expensive for dreamcatchers.
  • Dreamcatcher Jewelry – Their jewelry designs are unique, and you will adore the intentional design & materials that go into each piece.
  • Dreamcatcher for Kids – A cute design that matches the kids’ age will introduce it to ancestral tradition, beauty, and culture.
  • Dreamcatcher Bedding – Super soft, stylish bedding sets that feature a unique dream catcher design.

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