Adult Nightmares: Causes and Treatments

If you keep experiencing nightmares every time you fall asleep, then you are not alone. There are plenty of adults out there who are suffering from nightmares. We all know that kids commonly experience nightmares. But, almost 50% of adults have nightmares every night.

You might think that nightmares are real, and this can be threatening and may give you rattling experiences. In some serious situations, nightmares can cause sleep deprivation that can lead to depression, obesity, and heart disease.

There are numerous reasons why adult experiences nightmares. But worry no more because we will give you the treatments that you can do to avoid this threatening experience.

Minor Causes of Nightmares

Stress – post-traumatic stress and anxiety can cause a person to experience nightmares. If you are feeling extreme stress, it is advised to consult your professional in regards to your coping mechanisms. This includes medications, psychological counselling, and lifestyle changes.

Sleep Disorders – restless leg syndrome, sleep apnea, and other sleep issues can also be the reason for nightmares. Talk with your doctor about the medications and treatments that can be done to avoid nightmares if you have sleep problems. It is because drugs and medicines an increase your sleep quality and might also make your nightmares vanish.

Lack of Enough Sleep – it is a vice-versa cycle: having an insufficient nighttime sleep can also cause nightmares, and nightmares can also lead to inadequate sleeping hours. If you think that you usually experience nightmares when you don’t have enough sleep, then ensure that you will practice the right sleeping hygiene, including winding down before sleeping with some calming activities and maintaining the cool temperature of your bedroom. This will help you to increase the period of your sleep.

Medications – taking medicines, such as antidepressants can affect the elements and some parts of your memory. Your medications for high blood pressure are also associated with having nightmares. Ask your doctor if you can change your lifestyle or use another drug instead of taking these kinds of medicines. If your professional says no, then you can consider weighing the benefits and risks of that drug with the help of your physician. It might be worth experiencing some nightmares if these medicines can cure serious illnesses.

Consuming Foods Before Nighttime Sleep – If you usually experience nightmares, it might be because of your pre-bedtime snacks. Consuming some foods before going to sleep can improve your metabolic health, and make your brain more alive and might cause bad dreams. If you think that you experience recent nightmares every time you are going to sleep with a full stomach, then it is time for you to avoid late-night snacks.

How to Avoid Nightmares

Practice Better Sleep Hygiene
It is impossible for a person not to experience nightmares, but practising sleep hygiene will help you to avoid bad dreams and make you feel better to sleep quality. Your sleep hygiene might include making sure that your sleeping area and habits are of good quality.

Talk or Write All About It
Some brain scientists stated that getting some dreams and support in putting the person’s perspective is your first step to reduce your stress and nightmares. You can avoid your nightmares by talking with your therapist. Discuss it with a group or with a partner. You can consider writing your experience in your nightmare for you to release your tension and avoid experiencing bad dreams.

Deal with a Daytime Stressor
Other adults experiencing nightmares can focus on their work and routine in their life that can contribute to fear and stress. The American Psychological Association’s 2013 in America poll concluded that stress is the result of poor quality of sleep.

When you experience a hectic schedule of time, takes some of your time releasing your stress before going to your nighttime sleep. You can consider yoga, listening to relaxing music, and taking a warm bath can help you to release your anxiety and stress.

Also, prevent yourself from reading books and watching movies with horror content before you sleep. The scary content you read and watch can be absorbed by your mind and can appear on your dream, which you considered as a nightmare.

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