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Aries Birthstones

Aries individuals are energetic and proactive. Ruled by Mars, they are disposed to action and dynamic endeavors. The birthstones for Aries support their dynamic and vigorous nature as well as stabilize the abundant energy of an Aries born person.


Bloodstone increases physical strength, heightens self-esteem, increases courage, and strengthens the mind to face challenges. The power of bloodstone to bring freedom is beneficial to the robust go-getter nature of Aries.


Diamond, the hardest mineral on Earth, is strong and unbreakable. It gifts the Aries warrior with inner strength, bravery, daring, balance, and clarity. It brings an Aries individual good luck, both on and off the battlefield.

Red Jasper

Red Jasper, the gemstone associated with Mars (the ruling planet of Aries), balances positive and negative energy, inspires perseverance, and helps stabilize the restless and naturally impulsive Aries temperament. Red Jasper complements the dynamic Aries personality by sustaining their drive and energy all the way through to the end.


Topaz, the talismanic gemstone for Aries, increases physical strength, aids in overcoming fears and protects its wearer from injury.

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