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Black Dream Catcher

✔️All kinds of designs, themes, styles for the hoops, feathers, streamers

✔️Models are black, or black mixed with other colors, including white

✔️We stock black dreamcatchers in different shapes and sizes

✔️A good fit for any part of your home or vehicle

✔️Some models are intricate and complex; others simple and sweet

What does it mean to have a black dream catcher?

Traditionally, in Native American cultures, dream catchers are items that are meant to keep away bad dreams from sleeping children. They are meant to be there throughout the life of the child, disintegrating with time as the child grows older. And, while many people do still use them for this purpose, they are also often used as items of design or décor.

But just because an item is used for design or décor doesn't mean that they don't have symbolic meanings, too. For example, the color of a modern-day dreamcatcher has an effect on what it means, what it represents. In the case of the black dreamcatcher, the black color meaning can represent all kinds of things. We in the West tend to associate the color with death and mourning. We also tie it to the unknown, negative spaces, the darkness, and—related to the last one—fear itself. It is also sometimes used to represent evil or the darkness within a person.

But the meaning of the color depends on the culture at hand. Thus, it can also represent boldness, bravery, strength and courage. In Europe, the color is associated with young boys, and also has other positive meanings. These include prosperity and good health. Related to this is the perception of black in some African cultures; they also attach it to the male experience and masculinity. The same is the case for Latin America, in which the color represents both masculinity and mourning.

In Japan, however, the color is perceived as more of a feminine color, representing both feminine energy and mystery, mystique. The mystery motif applies to the Middle East, where black can represent mystery as well as evil and mourning. And in India, the color is tied to evil or death, as it is in the West, but also with rebellion and revolt.

This means that the black meaning can be any number of different perceptions, depending on what culture is being used. Therefore, a big black dreamcatcher can represent any number of things. However, be careful when giving them out as presents: they might be perceived as bad luck for a wedding. Instead, depending on the culture of the people involved, they might be perfect for a funeral gift.

Black Dreamcatcher Models

We offer all kinds of black dreamcatchers on Some represent the large black dream catcher, whereas others are much smaller in shape and style. Some of them are simple, with cool patterns that are easy to follow, whereas others have been made in an intricate, more complex style. One style, however, that we're particularly fond of is the Bronze Bells Car Dreamcatcher. Of course, this model was made to hang up in your car, below the rearview mirror. With its small stature, it's the perfect size for this purpose. It's unique because of the bronze bells that you will find underneath the thick, corded hoop; these will chime and ring while you're driving. The white webbing in the hoop opens up at the center, revealing a black gem. This dreamcatcher is made out of wicker or other materials, and is meant to imitate an antique or vintage dreamcatcher. You can buy dreamcatcher for sale in any color in our catcher shop.

Another model we're fond of is the Beautiful Handmade Dream Catcher. This dreamcatcher has different kinds of feathers—thick, fluffy brown feathers on the upper layer, with bigger, smooth black feathers below them. The hoop portion of the dreamcatcher features a web that really looks like a true spiderweb. It's threaded with black cord, and there is a circular space in the exact center.

Finally, there's also the Black Lace Dreamcatcher with Feathers. This model is available in different sizes. It features a web section that looks like a beautiful, intricate flower, which is geometric in style. Hanging from it on straight cords are thick black feathers, each of which is preceded by two black beads. The dreamcatcher can be found in different colors, including one model that has feathers of cyan, yellow, pink, and white. Another style of this model has plastic feathers that are different shades of brown, so they look like genuine feathers. The webbing of this style is more intricate, and resembles the complex patterns seen in Spirograph art.

Black Dream Catcher Patterns and Styles

Our models of the large black dreamcatcher have all kinds of cool themes, patterns and features. For example, some models feature heart-shaped hoops. In particular, the Black Heart Dream Catcher has two of them, stacked in opposite directions on top of each other. Other models have different designs in the web, which resemble trees, flowers, the yin-and-yang symbols, and real spiderwebs. The Boy’s Black Geometric Dreamcatcher is particularly interesting: its hoop features webbing in the shape of three overlapping, downward-facing triangles. It is made in a traditional Chinese style, and has a thick hoop with a thick, horizontal branch-like attachment below it.

A neat thing about these black dreamcatchers is that they aren't completely black. Thus, the yin-and-yang models have both black and white in them, as the symbol is meant to have. The Tree of Life Dream Catcher, which has a tree-type design in the hoop, is threaded with feathers in different shades of brown. The Bronze Bell dreamcatcher we mentioned before has shades of light and dark brown. And the Native Indian Heart Dream Catcher has pale, orange-brown feathers. These are combined with a heart-shaped hoop that—depending on the model you buy—can be either black or white.

Questions and answers

Why should I get a black dreamcatcher?

Black dreamcatchers can represent masculinity and masculine energy. This makes them a great design choice for the bedroom of a young boy. Since the color is also associated with feminine energy—as well as boldness and strength—they can be a lovely choice for the rooms of young girls. The mystery aspect of black even makes these dreamcatchers a good choice for rms in your home that hearken to the darkness or the natural world, such as a balcony or patio that opens into the world outside.

Can I match black dreamcatchers with other design items in my room?

Following color theory, black pairs with many colors, including purple, light grey and sky blue; light grey and orange; white and light grey; and middling grey with standard pink. And, of course, black always goes well with white. This can be seen in the black-and-white square tiles of a fifties diner or in the mixed black-and-white pattern of our yin-and-yang dreamcatchers. Last, remember to set the main colors of a color scheme to two, three, or four shades, not more.

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