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Quick bullet points on the green dreamcatcher

✔️ Different sizes, styles, and materials are available, including various hoop sizes and structures

✔️ Bright green greens of feathers and beads will make you respect nature

✔️ Affordable prices with frequent discounts and free shipping all over the world

✔️ Use of real organic materials like wood and pheasant hair

What does it mean to have a green dream catcher?

Why should you buy a dreamcatcher that's green in color? Well, the importance of the green meaning is that it represents nature, the earth, the environment, and all that good stuff. Green brings to mind the color of leaves, trees, ferns, fronds, and flower stems, as well as parrot feathers, reptile scales, and the scaled skin of a snake. In short, it is a color that well represents the natural world, and everything associated with it, including harmony, growth, new beginnings, hope, fertility, freshness, renewal, and bounty. The word is also typically used to refer to eco-friendly products (“these items are both fair-trade and green”).

Another meaning behind the symbolism of the color green is that it is tied to safety, security, and peace of mind. Some studies have even shown that green rooms have a calming effect on people who are inside them. You can see these relaxing aspects of the fact that green is used when it's okay to “go” or “continue.” If a given situation is safe and kosher, it will be a “code green”—unlike a “code yellow” or even a “code red.” The color is even sometimes perceived as having a kind of healing nature or ability. This makes sense when you consider that it often represents rebirth or renewal in some form or other.

Finally, green also represents luck, prosperity, or good fortune. This is especially obvious when considers that clovers and leprechauns—symbols of St. Patrick’s Day—have green in their design.

Green Dream Catcher Models

The green dreamcatcher is beautiful in general, perhaps in part because it's less common than dreamcatchers of other colors. On our dreamcatcher store, you can find different kinds of dream catchers for sale to fit whatever purposes you're searching to fill. For example, the Green Feather Dream Catcher is good at fulfilling the natural element of the green meaning. It features beautiful little green leaves, which surround the iron hoop. These leaves resemble the buds of a flower and are a similar shade to the feathers that ornate the dreamcatcher. The feathers themselves are a bright, vibrant shade of green, and they feature a pointed shape, topped by round brown wooden beads. Together, the feathers and the leaf designs ornament the galaxy-like design of the dreamcatcher hoop above them. The hoop, cords, and beads all have a circular design, perhaps representing the circle of life and the persistence of nature. This dreamcatcher is about 40 centimeters long in all.

Green Dream Catchers Patterns and Styles

Another design of dreamcatcher that we offer is the Green Shell Dream Catcher. This model has a simple pattern in its hoop design, not unlike a flower with geometric, angular petals. The leaves are also pointed, but they are thinner than in the other dreamcatcher. They are also a very vibrant shade of lime- or spring-green. Although the basic hoop design of this dreamcatcher is as we described, another hoop design is available. This one is more elaborate and complex, though it follows the same general structure of ideas. As well, this one features a charm in the center: a small, brass-colored tree inside a hoop of its own. As you might imagine, both versions of this dreamcatcher—but especially the second one—emphasize the importance of nature and the natural world. This dreamcatcher was made with natural materials—metal and pheasant hair—and has a total length of about a foot and a half.

Questions and answers

How do I take into account the green color meaning?

Green has been linked to serenity and tranquility. The relaxing aspects of this color ensure that it's a good choice for rooms where you're looking for calmness and peace, such as a bathroom or master bedroom. As well, because green is associated with prosperity and good fortune, the color is an excellent choice for children’s bedrooms. For the same reason, it's ideal for places where children might often be found, like basements and rec rooms. Green dreamcatchers are also a good choice for hanging up in your room, maybe besides your window or on the wall above your bed. Again, this is because of the calming aspects of the color. Bedrooms can often be a place of stress—disagreements with your spouse, for example—so the green color of a dreamcatcher’s feathers will alleviate your stress.

What other colors go well with the green dream catcher?

Because of its versatile nature, green goes well with all kinds of colors. It helps that it can be seen in all sorts of different shades, from hunter green to moss green to lime-green, and including everything in between. Outside of being combined with other shades of green, this color goes well with dark gray, cheese yellow and plum; khaki, beige and lavender; medium-toned shades of yellow; light grey, bright brown, and peach; and medium orange with navy blue. If you want to pair green with just one color only, consider pairing it with white or black—the colors that literally go well with every other shade—or any shade of blue. Blue and green are similar colors (some languages don't even differentiate the two and are available in all kinds of similar and contrasting shades.

Which dreamcatcher should I get?

For me in particular, I'm fond of the Handmade Green Dream Catcher. This one has an impressive structure with five different hoops: one larger one, and four smaller ones, with two hanging straight below and two hanging off at an angle. It also features a large, bright green bead in the middle of the biggest hoop. Finally, the borders of the hoops are braided with thick green cord. As for the fluffy feathers, they are a bright shade of darker teal and are topped with large, round beads.

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