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Heart Dream Catchers

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What is the symbolism of the heart (and the heart dream catchers)?

The heart is one of the major organs that keeps the body alive. When it pumps blood, many times a minute, it delivers blood throughout the veins, giving nutrients to the body. Also, the pumping of the heart is used to represent anxiety, tension or stress. This is what the heart does in real life, but, in art and language, the heart is seen as the seat of human emotion. It is more contrasted explicitly to the brain or mind, which itself is associated with intelligence. Indeed, in ancient Egypt, the heart was even used to represent the essence of the life of a person.

Hearts are also linked to courage, bravery, and strength, as well as empathy and sympathy. When someone finds that someone else is being mean, they tell them to “have a heart.” When someone shows their emotions easily, they are said to “have their heart on their sleeve.” In art, the heart is represented as a unique shape. It has a pointed tip and two large, adjacent bubbles on top. Some theories suggest that this shape goes back to the history of ancient Greece. According to the theory, silphium was a plant, a kind of giant fennel, that grew in Cyrene, in North Africa. It was used as a spice and as a medicine. It was harvested so frequently that it was extinct by the first century AD. Images of this plant from Antiquity even resemble the modern heart shape.

According to another theory, the heart shape is said to refer to the leaves of the ivy plant, or water lilies. Some theories even explain that the heart shape is meant to simulate breasts or buttocks. This theory was even referred to in an episode of The Big Bang Theory! However, what we do know is that the first image of a modern heart shape that we are aware of is from the mid-thirteenth century AD. It was seen in the Romance de la Poire, a French story, ornamenting a capital S. Here, the heart looks more like a pinecone, and it's seen upside down, acting as a gift from a knight to a lady. The object may also have been intended as a pear (“poire” means “pear” in French).

In addition, hearts have long since been associated with love, especially romantic love. This means that getting someone a heart-shaped dreamcatcher would be an excellent gift for Valentine’s Day, especially if that person is your romantic love, including your husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend. You can show them how much you care for them with a beautiful, well-designed gift that will remind them of you whenever they happen to look at it. Based on all of these things, then, the heart represents many different values: strength, bravery, sympathy, empathy, and, of course, love. This makes a heart dreamcatcher the perfect gift for a very special loved one.

Heart Dreamcatcher Models

On our website, we have many an example of a heart-shaped dream catcher. We have about twenty different models for you to choose from, available in a variety of styles, designs, sizes, and colors. For example, the Rattan Love Dream Catcher is small, exquisite, and beautiful, only about 10 centimeters high. It features a white structure and cording, made out of rattan (as in the title). It's an ideal choice not only for living rooms and bedrooms, but also as a wedding gift or decoration, or even as a small ornament to hang from the back of the passenger seat of your car. It features hanging balls of light green and coral pink; these are covered in sequins. And it even has small shapes on it that resemble little flowers or roses in the same colors. Interestingly, it doesn't even look like a traditional dreamcatcher. Instead, it resembles a decoration made of intertwined branches - not unlike some Christmas decorations.

There is also the Vintage Peach Dream Catcher, this dream catcher features a heart-shaped hoop, whose pale cords are banded with stripes of bright, vibrant pink. The whole thing is about 35 centimeters long - perfect to hang on the back of a bedroom door, for example. It features thick, large pink beads, which hang on thick cords in a kind of coral- or salmon-pink shade. On the bottom, there are six large, fluffy white feathers, which are separated into three groups. These fluffy feathers have delicate threads, and will gently sway in any breeze that might appear.

Heart Dreamcatcher Patterns and Styles

The Handmade Pink Feather Dream Catcher is another cool model that you can find on our website. This model features two heart-shaped hoops, done up in shades of fuchsia or shocking pink, which are joined together into one shape. They also share bands of pink thread, which connect them together like the angular threads from some giant magenta spider. The feathers, which are in the same shade of pink, are large and in charge, hanging from the conjoined heart-shaped hoops in many separate groups. The feathers are stacked, on a group on top of the other, and the tops of the stacks or towers of feathers feature large, silver-colored beads. The whole thing is made out of feathers and nylon, and it's about 50 centimeters high.

Finally, we also offer the Colorful Handmade Big Dream Catcher. This dream catcher heart truly is colorful: it offers shades of orange, red, brown and teal in the feathers and hoops alone. It has three main hoops, which are stacked one on top of the other, with the sizes becoming smaller and smaller as you go down the line. However, there are also two other hoops, both equally tiny, that are angled off at the sides of the biggest hoop. All of the hoops have an intricate web pattern, like something a child might make with a Spirograph machine. The top hoop has a regular corded border, which is in different colors, and an inner border. The inner edge, also in changing shades, resembles the rays of a beautiful sun.

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