How Much Sleep Do We Really Need? Enough Sleeping Hours

Sleep is considered as a crucial indicator of a person’s overall well-being and health. We, people, usually spend 1/3 of our overall time in our bedroom. And our overall sleep health state will always remain as an essential question in our entire life.

I think all of us know the importance of having enough hours of sleep. But only a few can follow the 8 hours to 9 hours of sleeping time in spite of their sleep schedule. For most people that have sleeping debt, they usually forget the feeling or “being really, truly rested.”

For a person to stay awake, drinking energy drinks and stimulants, such as coffee is beneficial. And using some external lights and alarm clocks will help a person to be awake.

The person’s needs to sleep will always depend upon the age, health, and his or her lifestyle. For you to know how much hours you need to take a rest, it is crucial for you to analyze your lifestyle factors that usually affect the quantity and quality of your sleep, including stress and hectic working schedules.

How to Determine the Sleeping Hours for You?

Though psychiatrist and different studies don’t know the exact hours, a person needs to sleep. As mentioned earlier, different people of different age needs different amounts of sleeping hours. The following are the questions you need to ask yourself for you to know how many hours of sleep you need. Want to know it more? Then, keep on reading.

How do you feel?

It is advised that you should have a daily sleep diary with the use of your unused note. You can also consider using a low-cost application on your tablet or mobile phones. Write on your diary the time you usually sleep and awake, together with your feelings every time you wake up. By doing this, it will help you a lot to determine some patterns which kind of sleeping routine will suit you the best. Also, do not exclude the feeling of anxiety, moody, and fatigue. This can be the way of your body to tell you that you should take a rest immediately.

Do you need an alarm to wake up?

If you usually awakened prior to your scheduled alarm, or you usually wake up several times during midnight, and this is not because you drink too much amount of water, alcohol, or coffee before you sleep that cause you to pee, it might be your memory’s way in telling you that you already had enough hours of sleep. Alternatively, if you have difficulties in waking up during the sunrise when your alar, turns off, this might be your body’s way of telling you that you need to have some adjustments in your sleeping schedule to have sufficient amount of sleep.

How long does it take for you to fall asleep?

In the real world, you must fall asleep within 15 minutes to 20 minutes right after getting onto your bed. But when you lay down on your sheets for a more extended period, it might be because of several aspects, including heavy dinner, caffeine, or anxiety. Unfortunately, if you can’t fall asleep right after lying down on your bed, then you might awaken with not enough amount of sleep.

After doing these steps, you might notice that you are getting enough hours of sleep, then congratulations to you. But if you still notice that there is no improvement to your sleep, then, it is time for you to take some actions.

Yes, it is uncommon for some people to get long hours of sleep. And yes, it is possible. If you experience longer hour of sleeping time, then you should ask yourself with the opposite questions above. If you already tried all of these for more than two weeks, but still you wake up feeling disgusted, it is advised for you to consult to a professional to ask for any suggestions as an alternative for the above steps.

If you experience sleep deprivation previously, you might already have a disorder called “sleep debt.” Ensure that you will learn how to solve this issue for you to feel livelier and refreshed.

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