How to Control Your Dreams

Having the skill to control your dream is considered as the most enchanting feeling every person can have. Do you ever wish to have the same dream because you love the scenario? Or do you want to go back to bed to re-dream your favorite scene in your dreamland? Well, read on to know the steps that you can do for you to control your dreams.

Record Your Dreams in Small Notes

Instead of buying a new notebook to be your dreaming journal, you can use your unused notes and place it near your bed. This will be your first tool in controlling your dream. Write down all the things, people, and situations you remembered in your dream.

Write the Things You Want to Dream about in Your Dreaming Journal

Write down the target situations you want to dream about. Do this as your nighttime habit before you go to bed to take a rest. While doing this step, you are thinking about your desired situation when you already fall asleep. You can also consider writing or sketching the location you want to happen in your dream. A lot of detail in your journal will help you to control your dream. Details are essential in taking control of your dreams – either complex or simple ideas.

Record Your Dreams

Every time you are awake after dreaming, write the things you remember in your dreaming journal. You can also write the things you are expecting in your dream but didn’t happen. This is your step to train your brain in remembering your dream. Regular training of your brain will remember the situations in your dream effectively. The better your practice is, the more heightened and the sharper your brain will be in controlling your dreams.

Read on Your Written Desired Dreams or Situations

Before going to sleep, ensure that you will read your desired situations in your journal. Making this as your nighttime routine will give you a high chance to dream what is written in your journal. Read it for about two to three times every night. Ensure that your mind absorbs your desired dream before you fall asleep.

Lay down, Eyes Closed, and Think on Your Desired Dream Situation

This is an effective step that will help you to dream your desired dream situation. Thinking about the people, pictures, situations, or anything you want will occur in your dream for about 50 percent to 60 percent. Focus on the things that you want to appear on your dream and not on the things that will distract you.

Walk Through Your Desired Dream Situation

Think of your target dream situation and walk through on it. Try your best to walk through in your desired time of sequence in your dream. Think deeply while maintaining a relaxed posture of your body. Calm down and do not get too excited, threatened, or tensed. Once you go to your bed, remember the sounds and images you imagine. Make sure that you will record the situations that happened in your dreams once you are awake.

Consider Reality Checks

A reality check is a time when you will check the exact time when you are awake and ask, “am I awake, or am I dreaming?” This will help you in determining the metamorphosis of the real world from your dreamland. In your dreamland, there is a high possibility that the trees will change its shape and color, the words will turn into various texts, and the clock will move counterclockwise. In the real world, the trees will remain rooted, the words can be read by a normal individual, and the clock will give time forwards.


As you read all the guidelines of controlling your dreams mentioned above, having the ability to control the situations in your dreams is all about talking with similar dialect with your unconscious brain. But it does not refer to use the exact translation of the word “dialect.”
There are lots of people out there who have the power in controlling their dreams. And you can also be one of them if you will follow all the steps mentioned. Is it difficult? Of course, yes. It takes a long time and a good patience for you to achieve this ability.

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