How to Give Yourself Vivid, Crazy Dreams

All of us can dream. Dreams are the results of the ability of a person’s mind to create senses about past experiences and thoughts. Our brain will never fall asleep when we go to bed. It is always awake and creates different situations in our mind, and that is what we called a dream. The problem will be, we cannot remember a hundred percent of our dreams when we wake up.

Vivid dreams are all about dreaming and remembering the situations that happened in your dreamland. At first, you may find difficulties in remembering the things in your dreams. But, when you train yourself to record and study your dreams, you will be able to start the unique experiences of having vivid and crazy dreams.

If you want to train yourself to have crazy and vivid dreams, then you should read the guidelines listed below. Read on and discover the things that you should do to have vivid dreams.

Create a Steady Schedule of Your Sleeping Time

You can improve your skill of remembering the situations in your dreams vividly if you have a regular sleeping and waking time. Yes, it might be hard for you to keep a steady sleeping schedule with your busy and hectic-scheduled life. But maintaining a consistent schedule will help you to enhance your REM cycle potentials.

Consume a Melatonin Supplement

A Melatonin supplement is considered as the ingredient that will help you to have vivid dreams and have a better nighttime sleep. This type of supplement is generally advised by many doctors to those who are struggling from insomnia or difficulties in sleeping. It is suggested to consume a single piece of melatonin supplement half an hour before sleep every night. It will help you to have better sleep and create vivid dreams.

Think about Dreaming

The situation of anticipating dreams will help you to have a dream after falling asleep. Reading this article is one of the ways of setting your brain for dreaming. Having the ideas of lucid and vivid dreaming will help you to experience real-life situation dreams. And anticipating to dream will help you a lot if you love to have lucid dreams.

Train Yourself to Have Periodic Reality Check

Through the entire day, train yourself to have consistent timing to take a break and ask if you have a dream or not. This step is considered a “reality check.” And making it as your routine will improve your brain to dream lucidly.

Sleep Peacefully

Several things can be done for you to have a peaceful sleep. But the best way is to take your rest, ensuring that there will be no one to distract you. Sleeping in an area with not distraction includes providing that you have a dark sleeping area and making sure that you will not be awake by an unexpected noise.

And we understand that it will give you a hard time to ensure that all the things are settled before you go to bed, but doing this step will help you to experience vivid dreams and remember all the situations happened in your dream.

Listen to Music While You are Asleep

Even though some people prefer silent space when they are sleeping, there is a study stating that vivid dreamers experienced the best of their dreams when they pinned their ears back to soft and relaxing music. Relaxing and soothing music will help a person’s mind to function well and cannot be easily distracted by certain noises.

Some songs were created for a person to have lucid or vivid dreams. You might consider the music of Robert Rich, which is entitled as Somnium. The “Sleep” of Max Richter is an eight-hour song that will help you to enhance the clearness of your possible dreams.

Pay Attention to Details

Your dreams will be more vivid if you will not only focus on the situations but also on its details. Without focusing on the details of your dream, it will be clouded, and the essential part of your dream will be unremembered.
Doing these steps will surely help you to have vivid and crazy dreams. So, if you want to experience vivid dreams, you should try these steps tonight.

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