How to Have Good Dreams and Avoid Nightmares

Dreams are the ways of a person’s body to process the stimuli throughout our life. Everything that you do, hear, smell, and see will contribute to the situations that might happen in your dream. Also, the level of your stress and your expectation in regards to your dream can affect the way you sleep or dream.

The following are the ways that you can do for you to prevent nightmares and have better dreams. Read on to know each.

Prefer Calming Sounds Before Sleeping

Some studies show that sounds and music can affect the content of your dream. Because of this, the songs you tend to listen can worsen or improve the situations in your dream. For you to have a good dream, prefer listening to repetitive, quiet, and calm music.

Use White Noise

A study shows that “white noise” will help you to improve your sleep quality, if you are going to take a rest soundly, there is a high chance that you can have a good dream. Other people prefer listening to a fan with a low level of power. It is because they believed that it provides the slow and gentle sound of white noise.

You can also consider streaming or purchasing recorder white noise. You can listen to it from your smartphone, computer, stereo set, or any gadgets that you have. This will help you to have better nighttime sleep and will give you lots of benefits.

Use Aromatherapy

Some studies show that the smell has a high impact on the mood of a person. And in connection with this, it is advised that you surround yourself with some attractive scents, including the lavender scent that will help you to experience good dreams and avoid having bad dreams or nightmares.

A pleasing smell will also help you to treat your insomnia. For instance, the smell of aromatic oils and fresh flowers are some of the great scents that you can use in doing this step. Also, you might consider lighting scented candles or incense when you decided to go to bed.

On the other hand, you should ensure that these candles are safe and will not cause fire during your nighttime rest.

Get Comfortable

For you to have good dreams and a better quality of sleep, you need to have a comfortable sleeping position and place. You can choose pillows, bedding, and mattress that you feel comfortable. If possible, sleep facing the left and right area of your room instead of your stomach and back.

Ensure that you will control your room temperature at your desired level. You can also consider adding a blanket to feel warmer or using a fan or opening a window if you prefer a cooler temperature.

Do Not Take a Rest When You are Hungry

It is recommended by professionals not to take a nap with a full stomach. It is advised that you will eat the proper amount of food before bedtime. However, sleeping with an empty stomach is strictly prohibited. It may result in waking up in the middle of the night and make a fitful sleep.

But if you are too tired and want to take a rest from work, ensure that you will consume a small amount of snack, including milk and banana.

Consider Consuming Meals with Tryptophan

Some studies conducted out there stated that a type of amino acid, which is a tryptophan could increase the sleepiness and decrease the time a person takes to sleep. The body of a person is using tryptophan to alleviate the serotonin, which may result in a night of healthier nighttime sleep.

Thus, consuming foods that are rich in tryptophan may result in more and better lucid dreams. These foods with tryptophan include tofu, soy, peanuts, milk, pumpkin seeds, fish, chicken, and turkey.

Increase the Consumption of Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is an essential supplement for a person’s body to function well. Also, studies show that this vitamin is associated with the clearness of the dream of a person. Consider consuming Vitamin B6 to ensure that you are getting sufficient vitamins in your body.

You can also eat lots of foods that are rich in Vitamin B6, such as fortified bread and cereals, whole grains, corn, poultry, nuts, pork, beef, beans, avocado, and banana.

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