How to Have More Dreams (And Actually Remember Them)

The following are some of the simplest steps that you can do to experience many dreams during your bedtime. Aside from that, we will also teach you how to have more uplifting and positive dreams.

Most of our dreams usually appear during our nighttime sleep. And plenty of individuals are asking how to experience lots of dreams when they fall asleep. And some of these individuals do the wrong steps.

People want to have new dreams for them to experience added adventures. In terms of lucid dreamers, they want to experience further lucid dreams. It is just usual for a person to wish to have more dreams, and this article will explain to you the steps to dream further.

Steps to Dream More

You can practice some steps for you to have new dreams and actually remember them vividly. “Practice makes perfect.” Some of these steps will require your patience and time to fully learn how to have vivid dreams and recall them instantly.

But other steps are just easy to follow and can give you the result that you want with one to two times of trying. If you are excited to know all of these steps, then keep on reading!

Keep a Journal Beside Your Bed to Remember Your Dreams Instantly

Through writing, you can recall some of the situations that happened in your dream. It will also increase your dreams and how your mind will recall each one of these. Writing in a journal will train you to think first about the things in your dream when you are awake. In connection with this, you can remember your dreams vividly and easily.

I suggest you look for your good note and make it your “dream journal.” Stick with it for about one week to two weeks. And you will notice that you can easily remember lots of your dreams. With simply trying to write your remembered situations in your dream will help you to recall each clearly.

Drink Right Amount of Water. Eat Proper Diet. Exercise Well for you to Feel Better and Have a Longer Dreaming Time

Our body is as smart as we. It can determine when and how to switch into a normal and healthy phase. When our body is at its normal and healthy stage, we can have healthy dreams and improve our REM sleeping time at night.

For our body to be in a healthy state, we must drink tons of water and switch into a healthy diet. Regular exercise is also advised. And you will notice that there is an improvement in your mood, sleep, and dreaming state.

One of the good benefits that you can get from doing all of these is that you will feel better, sleep better, and have better and a lot more dreams. You will also recall all of these immediately, which is similar to preparing your brain to have lucid dreams if you want to experience that kind of dream.

To Have More Vivid and Regular Dreams, Improve Your Sleeping Pattern and Habits

Your sleeping pattern and habits are very important if you want to have more vivid and regular dreams. And the right pattern of your sleep must be 8 hours to 9 hours of sleep during the evening. And you are also advised to go to your bedroom for about 10 pm or 11 pm. It only means that you will be awakened when the sun starts to light our earth.

Try to improve the quality of your sleep and make sure that you will always have a regular 8 hours to 9 hours of sleeping time. This will surely help you to recall and experience plenty of dreams and feel livelier and better.

Additional Tip to Have More Dreams

Several individuals claimed that they could remember and experience lots of dreams when they consume a natural supplement, such as Vitamin B6. You can also try taking that kind of supplement. But make sure that you will ask a professional if you can take it without worrying about any side effects.


Doing all of the mentioned tips above will improve your dreams and your ability to recall them. Try it this night and enjoy!

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