How to Lucid Dream Easily – Learn Fast & Start Tonight

Some people experience lucid dreaming once or twice in their lives. But most people experience to have a lucid dream once in a blue moon. The different lucid dreaming followers considered it as the “real-world application” that will give a person a lot of benefits, including enhancing problem solving skill, improve creativity, and reduce anxiety and depression. Lucid dreaming was also used in treating PTSD and nightmares.

Yes, you can also learn how to have a lucid dream if you will give your time and concentration. In this generation, there only 20 percent of people who have learned the tips and tricks of having a lucid dream. If you are a type of person wishing to have that kind of ability, then you are at the right place. We will give you the helpful methods that these people usually use to perform lucid dreaming.

Lucid Dreaming

The term “lucid dreaming” is used to refer to a dream of a person who is aware that he or she has a dream. In a study, the range of people who have experienced to have lucid dreaming once is from 51 percent to 82 percent. Some people will be awake from having a lucid dream, but take note that lucid dreaming is your way to explore your dreamstate.

How to Have a Lucid Dream – Tips and Pieces of Advice

Time and patience are your keys to have lucid dreams. If you practice the following tips regularly, your memory will be trained to perform lucid dreaming.

Have Your Dream Journal

The very first step that you should do to have a lucid dream is to have a strong connection with your dream. Have your dream journal and place it near your bed. All you need is to write all the things you recall from your dream once you turn back to reality. If you are a faster thinker, you can consider recording all the things you remember through your phone’s voice recorder.

Remember Your Dream Signs

Next, you need to analyze all the things written in your dream journal and try to search for your potential dream pattern. You can consider the people or things that usually appear on your dream. These people and things will give you the perceptions about the particular issue that your psyche is focusing on. And lastly, dream signs will also help you to determine the time you usually start to dream.

Try to Sleep Again

Some will wake up in the middle of their dream, and this is the right time to write the situations you think of in your dream. But make sure that you will remain sitting in your bed while writing. Then try to sleep again and focus on your previous dream. This time, try to think that you are awake when you dream again. Concentrate on your dream until you fall asleep back.

Perform the “Wake Back to Bed” Method

The so-called “Wake Back to Bed” method includes setting up an alarm to make the most of the possibilities of waking up every REM of sleep. Thus, you will have the chance to go back to your dream when you sleep again.
Fix an alarm after 4, 5, 6, or 7 of the hour right after you sleep. Consider setting the alarm after 6 to 7 hours because it is the perfect time that will latch you during the REM stage of your sleep. It is because REM sleep will only last for a longer time during the second part of the evening.

When you stop the alarm, ensure that you will be aware for about 30 minutes to an hour. After writing down all your remembered things on your journal, you can consider doing something out of your bed. This will make your brain awake while keeping your body heavy-eyed. After that, go back to your sleep and think about your dream.

Try to Keep Your Dream Going

If you start having some lucid dreams, then you got it right. Don’t give up when you experience false dreams during your trials. At the start, it is usual that you will have a hard time to have a lucid dream. Experience lucid dreaming for a long time through rubbing your hands inside your dream.

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