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Leo Birthstones

People born under the sign of Leo are powerful and endowed with the biggest personalities and strongest wills of the Zodiac. The astrological birthstones for Leo keep the strength of the mighty Leo under control as well as reinforcing and bolstering the Leo spirit.

Black Onyx

Black Onyx, the stone of power, complements the Leo personality by filling in the shortcomings. It keeps Leo firmly grounded in reality and protects them from internal imbalances and outward negative feelings. It neutralizes negative emotions and internal stresses and bestows courage. It keeps Leo's larger-than-life personality under better self-control and makes them more effective in their creative pursuits.


Rubies are rare, precious, tough, and vividly bright, much like the Leo personality. Rubies bolster Leo's courage and mental powers.


Carnelian, the stone of passion, enhances Leo's bold, courageous, passionate, and ambitious nature and makes these virtues more consistent and reliable.


Diamond is the talismanic gemstone for Leo. This Leo birthstone has the magical power to protect and to bring luck and victory in all endeavors.

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