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Orgonite Pendant

Orgone pendants you find at are not typical healing pendants, protection pendants, energy and metaphysical pendants. We bring you truly unique orgonite pendants that combine powers of natural healing crystals and positive orgone energy. Each orgonite pendant is lovingly handcrafted using proven processes, recipes, and only high-quality ingredients.

Our orgone pendant jewelry includes only high-vibrational crystals, healing metals, and premium resin. We offer a number of different styles of orgone pendant necklaces to meet your energy needs and to match your fashion style.

Each orgone pendant  is unique and ready to help you in its powerful energetic ways. We carry our orgone pendants for all kinds of purposes: to strengthen the energy body, to release negativity, and for emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Orgone pendants beyond their potent healing qualities, also protect from negative energy and electromagnetic radiation. We are proud to offer a variety of gemstones in our pendants to cleanse and energize your body, mind, and soul. With orgonite pendants, we capture the natural energy of the healing stones that is magnified by the powers of positive orgone energy.

Our unique signature blend of materials and handcrafting process gives our orgone healing pendants very pleasant energy that easily integrates with the energy field (aura). They strongly influence the whole body-mind-spirit system.

Wear orgone energy pendants, necklaces, and amulets to carry the power of the crystals with you at all times, for protection, and for a boost of positive energy. Transform your life with positive orgone energy!

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