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Orgonite Pyramid

Orgone pyramids are extremely powerful tools for protection and healing. Incorporating an orgone energy generator into a pyramidal shape amplifies its powers.

Since ancient times, the pyramid was considered a very powerful and sacred geometrical shape—appreciated for the beauty of their form and for the power they release.

The pyramid shape allows orgone energy generators to harness a higher vibration of energies, and radiate focused energy through its point. Due to their shape, pyramids are able to carry the positive orgone energy quite a distance.

Orgone pyramids raise the vibration in your immediate space and are powerful protectors and transformers of negative and harmful energy.

They can also assist your meditation and other healing arts by placing them in your room to bring more positive energy into your space.

Orgone pyramids also greatly amplify the energy and healing powers of crystals and anything that is placed near them.

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