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Pink Dream Catcher

✔️Bright and vibrant colors to emphasize lovely shades

✔️Heart-shaped hoops ensure that they are a perfect fit for Valentine’s Day

✔️Some have tassels and streamers; others, feathers

✔️Intricate and ornate hoop web designs

✔️An amazing gift for women and little girls

What does it mean to have a large pink dreamcatcher?

The pink meaning is going to affect the significance of the dreamcatcher and what it means to you and your family. But there are many meanings to the color pink. For example, most of us in the West associate the color pink with love, hearts, and Valentine’s Day—meaning that a pink dreamcatcher could be a perfect gift for your significant other: wife, husband, boyfriend, or girlfriend. Pink, in the West, is also usually associated with girls and girliness, which means that it could a perfect gift for anyone who is into girly things and tastes. Along the same lines, pink is also associated with colorful, charming, and dainty accessories, including those made out of lace and other soft, sweet materials.

Outside of the West, there exist many meanings of the pink color. In particular, I bet you didn't know that, in Japan, pink is associated with both men and women. In South Korea, however, the color represents trust and confidentiality. Latin American countries associate the color with architecture — meaning that pretty dreamcatchers, when placed in exactly the right spot, can be used to highlight interesting architectural features of your home, including crown molding, a well-designed fireplace, or a bay window. And another fun fact is that, in Europe, pink was initially considered as a foreign color—some sources say that the Chinese word for pink literally translates to “foreign color”—and was, until fairly recently, grpd together (and considered as being part of) its parent color, red.

Pink is also associated with health (think “in the pink”) and happiness (think “tickled pink”). It is even associated with feelings of calm, relaxation, serenity—making pink dreamcatchers a great choice for rooms of calm, including bedrooms and bathrooms. In fact, research has shown that pink is mentally simulating in such a way that it can help reduce violent behavior and help people consider their feelings in a more calm, controlled manner. Indeed, this is the reason that many prison holding cells all over the world are done up in shades of pink.

Pink Dream Catcher Models

At Dream Catcher Ltd. we offer all kinds of models of the  dreamcatchers for sale, including those with and without LED lights to light them up, and some which double as wind chimes. We also offer models in varying sizes, ranging from those that are as small as your hand—small enough to use as ornaments for your car or truck—to large models that hang from your wall, in the same way that a tapestry or a painting might. Some of our models have hoops that are shaped like hearts, rather than circles—this ensures that they are a great gift for loved ones during Valentine’s Day—and others have large feathers hanging from their hoops. The border of the hoop of the Handmade Flower Dreamcatcher is even threaded with beautiful pink flowers that resemble rosebuds. This adds to the beauty and style of this particular dreamcatcher, as do the green leaves of the flowers, the three large, soft pink feathers, and the pink gems that hang in the center of the Spirograph-shaped webbing.

Pink Dream Catcher Patterns and Styles

The dreamcatchers we offer have all kinds of designs inside the web of the hoop. For example, the Pink Indian Dream Catcher has a lacy web design that resembles a vibrant, shining white sun, complete with pointed spikes that resemble rays. The Wind Chimes Feather Dreamcatcher has a similarly ornate web design: this one resembles a flower inside of a delicate, intricate border. The flower and its border are both designed in such a way that they appear delicate yet strong, just like the fibres of a spider’s web or a silkworm’s silk. And, as you can guess, this dreamcatcher also doubles as a wind chime—perfect for making lovely music on quiet, cloudy days. Finally, the Handmade Girly Light Dreamcatcher is full of LED lights, which means that it lights up and illuminates any room it's placed in at your command. In the center of the dreamcatcher, there's a beautiful star made out of pink cord, which looks amazing when it's surrounded by all the glowing, soft pink lights of the LED system.

Questions and Answers

How do I take into account the meaning of the pink shade?

I said it before, but it bears repeating: pink is associated with relaxing and calm, so the large pink dreamcatcher is a perfect choice for bedrooms and bathrooms. They would also do well in places where you normally relax and have fun, including basements, rec rooms, balconies and porches, and cozy reading nooks. Also, note that homemade dreamcatchers aren't usually pink in color—they are combinations of more organic colors, including brown, black, white, and the blue of bird feathers—so you might want to think carefully about placing them with other natural- or organic-based elements in your room. However, they will work great in rooms that have decorations made of manmade materials, including plastic and colored glass.

What other colors go well with a pink dreamcatcher?

Pink pairs nicely with red, owing to the fact that it is a derivative of red. Like every other color, it goes well with both black and white. Other color combos that work well with pink shades, of all types—including heliotrope, magenta, fuchsia, rose, blush, pink lemonade, salman, coral, flamingo, bubble gum, and hot pink—are the following: pink with dark and light green, pink with cyan and teal, and pink with yellow and green. Pink also goes well when its various shades are all paired together, and it's highly compatible with individual shades of purple and blue. However, remember that, in this context, it is also best to use no more than two or three colors or so as your main color scheme. If you have more than three colors in your main scheme, then make sure that the pink of your dreamcatcher doesn't overpower these colors.

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