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Red Dream Catcher

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✔️Red meaning will add strength and power to the décor of a room

What does it mean to have a red dream catcher?

When you think of red, what do you think of? Probably anger. Red is commonly, in the West, associated with anger, aggravation, irritation, and the sensation of being “mad.” You can see that in the fact that red is used to aggravate bulls, and that cheeks flush with red when people are angry. Fire, which blazes on in an all-consuming rage, is red, orange, and yellow, with all three colors mixing in flames. But other meanings apply to red, aside from anger, in the West. For example, we associate red with vitality, strength, and good health: it's the color of blood and hearts. Like the color of hearts, it also is often used during Valentine's Day. It's also the color of emotional intensity. Some research says that being around red long enough can temporarily increase blood pressure and make breathing faster. This might be partly because red draws the eye to itself: the color captures attention, in any context. You can buy a dream catcher colored red on Dream Catcher Ltd.

Outside the West, however, the situation is different. Almost all cultures have a concept of the color red. In fact, PBS NewsHour explains that, when cultures have a color word other than black or white, it's almost always red. But red means different things in other colors. In East Asia, the color is commonly linked to fortune and good luck. It's why you'll see family members giving each other red envelopes with money inside as gifts for weddings or the Chinese New Year. In Japan, the color is associated with happiness, too. Along the same lines, it's tied to success: Nepalese and Indian women wear red saris during their weddings. And in Russia, the words for “red” and “beautiful” are related, according to BBC. Finally, red is also very common in flags from all over the world, along with blue, white, and yellow.

Red Dream Catcher Models

We have various models of dreamcatchers for you to look at and purchase. For example, the Indian Handmade Heart Dreamcatcher features two hoops, both heart-shaped. The hoops are braided with a pink-toned shade of red, matching the color of the cords. As for these cords, inside the web, they form a spiky, angular pattern that resembles a star. The star is also strung with small silver-colored beads. These beads are repeated at the top of the larger, upper hoop, where the dreamcatcher hangs from a cord. Large silver beads also appear at the tops of the feathers. These large, fluffy feathers are a similar shade of red, streaked with a darkish shade of blue. Together, the feathers, hoops, cords, and beads create a lovely effect that resembles a male peacock raising his feathers.

Red Dream Catcher Patterns and Styles

Another red dreamcatcher that we offer is the Indian Heart Dream Catcher. The style of this model resembles that of traditional Native American dreamcatchers. In particular, the many feathers that hang down from it are white and pale brown, with fluffy white sections on top. This dreamcatcher features five hoops of different sizes, all heart-shaped. The largest hoop is on the very top, and the two right below it decrease in size. There are also two smaller hoops off to the side, the same size as the lowest hoop. All five of the hoops feature a corded, geometric, white design that looks like a flower, with a small red nucleus in the very center. The many feathers are attached to this dreamcatcher via beads of black and white, with the white beads stacked on top of the black. This dreamcatcher is available in beige-white as well as red, and it retails for 23$ USD (international shipping is always free).

Finally, we also offer the model known as the Red Feather Heart Dreamcatcher. This one has a more straightforward style but is no less lovely. The feathers of this model are bright red and dark grey-brown, and they have a longer, more elongated shape. The web pattern inside the red-corded hoops is like a spiky star explosion and is threaded with silver-colored beads that resemble marbles. It is sold for 18$ USD.

Questions and answers

Do these dreamcatchers make excellent gifts for my family and friends?

Red is tied to love, as we said earlier. Along with this, the heart-shaped hoops of every red dream catcher ensure that they will be a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, whether it's for your loved one or your children. Also, because of the heart-shaped hoops, you can give this kind of dreamcatcher to your love any day of the year. He or she will surely appreciate the bright colors and beautiful feathers of these dreamcatchers.

How do I take the red color meaning into account?

You might want to think how they do in East Asia to do this, where red is linked to fortune and good luck. Because of this, you can place a red dreamcatcher wherever you want to be prosperous and successful. Thus, you can set it in your office or another workspace, or your bedroom (where you'll often receive and deal with good news). You can put a red dreamcatcher in a child’s bedroom so that they sleep properly and do well at school. You can also bring a dreamcatcher to work for the same reason, to ensure success during working hours.

What other colors go well with the red dream catcher?

Red is highly compatible with all kinds of other colors. For instance, we already mentioned the flag colors, and these do go well together for home décor, too. Thus, don't be afraid to mix red together with blue, white, and black or dark grey. Red also goes well along with cyan and burgundy; plum purple, beige, and pear green; and olive green, moss, peach-red, and golden brown.

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