What Are Lucid Dreams: Meaning, Benefits, and Risk

There are lots of people out there who have lots of questions regarding lucid dreaming. These questions include, what are the meaning, benefits, and risks of lucid dreaming. Then, there is nothing for you to worry because we will answer all your questions. Read on and understand what lucid dreaming is all about.

What is Lucid Dreaming?

Lucid dreaming simply refers to the ability of a person that can control and observe his or her dreams. It will convert the things happening in your dreamland into the real world. It only means that anything that you smell, taste, feel, hear, and even see is happening as if it was all real.

Another term used to identify lucid dreaming is “lucidity.” It usually appears during the changes in the state of a person’s consciousness when you will apprehend that you are just dreaming – and your mind will switch into your waking type inside your dreamland.

People with ordinary dreams, they have a low level of self-awareness. And that is the reason why these people will typically feel distant and fuzzy. But, in terms of lucid dreaming, the mind of a person is conscious while their body feels sleepy.

Does it normal and safe to have lucid dreaming? Yes, lucidity or lucid dreaming is a normal and safe state of mind. It is not true that lucid dreaming has a touch of paranormal and spooky experiences. Well, it is considered that the experience of a people out of the body can be clarified through lucid dreaming. When a person experienced a lucid dream, he or she will always want to go to sleep. And if you want to wake up, you can do it freely.

Everyone wants to experience lucid dreams. Who would not want to? When you experience lucidity, then you will have alive and active senses. There is also a possibility to discover the things and situations happening in your dreamland with your conscious mind. You can do it if you will take some practices and long patience.

Do not give up easily, because lucid dreaming will only happen at the right time. Your time and patience will be worth it when you experience the beauty of lucidity.

Benefits of Lucid Dreaming

In your lucid dreams, you can experience being a ninja assassin, hugging and kissing your idols, or flying over the mountains as if you truly have wings. Lucidity is your method of experiencing impossible things in the real world. It is your chance actually to feel the things that you wish for.

Lucid dreaming can give you many benefits, including the following:

• Discovering the things happening in your out cold mind.

• Increase the sense of being you.

• Working with new and different things and skills.

• Enhancing your self-esteem

• Facing your worries and doubts.

• Improve your creativity skills.

• Enhance your problem solving skills.

If you love to have all of these, then it is the right time for you to learn how to have lucid dreams easily.

Risks of Lucid Dreams

As mentioned earlier, lucidity is a safe experience as long as you have a stable mental health. But, it is also important if you will consider first the possible risks of lucid dreams before you try to perform it. Some people might experience sleep paralysis during their lucid dreaming experiences, but others might experience the state of being awake and dreaming. And sleep paralysis is threatening because you cannot move your body even if you are conscious. It is a unique experience, but you will have a high chance to experience it when you are not mentally stable. And luckily, some ways will help you to prevent this threatening experience.

The worst pitfall is another risk that you might experience in lucidity. In this state of lucid dreaming can bring you euphoric feelings of happiness, motion, sight, and sex. It is also possible for you to feel pain, sadness, and fear. But don’t be afraid because you will not die in the real world if you die in your dreamland.


Lucidity is considered as the enriching conscious experiences and an influential psychological tool. If you are a starter or an expert of lucid dreaming, I hope that this article increases your self-awareness and knowledge about having lucid dreams.

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