What Causes Vivid Dreams

While our body is tired and falls asleep, our brain remains awake, creating different things, which are called “dreams.” A person’s dream might be fantastical or realistic, helpful or mysterious, and scary or soothing. Some times we usually wake up and ask ourselves if we really have a dream, while some periods will help us to remember some things in our dreams because of its intensity level. These dreams are considered as “vivid dreams.”

I am sure that this time, you are asking yourself about the possible causes of vivid dreams. If that so, this article is right for you. If you experience vivid dreams and don’t have the idea why are these happening, read on this article to know the potential reasons why you are dreaming vividly. Keep on reading and enjoy!

What are the Possible Reasons for Vivid Dreams?

Scientists of brains out there don’t have enough idea and evidence about the reasons why people experience dreaming. The only thing that they are sure of is that dreaming is associated with the things created by a person’s memory.

Dreaming is a process that will help your mind to get rid of less important memories or ideas while storing and analyzing the important ones. Some persons will feel revitalized after having a rest and a vivid dream, even though they do not exactly remember the things that happened in their dreamland.

Most people usually remember some of the happenings in their dream if they had it during their sleep cycle. But it is rarely impossible for you to remember the exact things that happened in your dream.

Some vivid dreams are negative and fantastic, while others are positive and realistic. Brain scientists knew that during the REM or rapid eye movement of a person is the time when vivid dreams usually appear. The REM of a person’s sleep has a normal cycle of 90 minutes every time they sleep and can last for about 20 minutes to 25 minutes.

There is a study stating that there is only 25% of the sleep of an adult that was spent in the cycle of their REM. For ideal health, the proper sleep hour of an adult is ranging from 8 hours to 9 hours. And that is enough time that you can spend to have ideal dreams. So, what are the main reasons for having vivid dreams? Well, scientists are not yet sure about the reasons for having vivid dreams. But the following aspects contribute a part.

Early Pregnancy

Pregnancy plays a part in having vivid dreams. It is the state of the body where there is a change to hormone levels, emotions, and pattern. Some pregnant women claim that they have vivid dreams, most especially from the early periods of being pregnant.

Health Disorders

Some health issues, including schizophrenia and depression, can also trigger vivid dreams. Physical problems, such as cancer and heart disease, are also connected to having vivid dreams.

Substance Abuse

Drinking too much alcohol or too much consumption of recreational drugs plays a big part in vivid dreaming. And these vivid dreams can also cause nightmares.


There are notable medicines that can contribute to a person to have a vivid dream. These types of medicines also include Parkinson’s disease drug, hypertension medication, beta blockers, antidepressants, and medicines to quit smoking.

Sleep Disorders

Issues in terms of sleeping that will lead you to have an insufficient sleeping hour, including narcolepsy and insomnia, will tend to increase the level of susceptibility of a person on having vivid dreams. When you make some changes in your sleeping time, including various sleeping time, can also trigger the mind of a person to have vivid dreams.

Anxiety and Stress

Imagined and real difficulties can lead to a person to feel anxiety and stress. Different issues about work, school, family, or friends can also contribute to the development of intense dreaming of a person. Feeling stressed is the result of a distressing situation that happened in a person’s life, including the loved one’s death, car accident, or sexual abuse. Anxiety is also the reason pf a person to experience intense and disturbing nightmares. And nightmares are real. Children aging from 7 to 10 years old are susceptible to nightmares.

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