What Does it Mean When You Dream about Someone

The REM stage of a person’s sleep or the rapid eye movement is considered as the deepest stage when a person falls asleep. This is the phase of your sleep when you can remember the things that happened in your dreams. The activity formed in REM of an adult person is lesser than the usual compared to babies and young teenagers. However, younger individuals, most especially the babies, don’t have the capabilities to see the different situations happening in their dreams compared to the adult.

What is a Dream?

A dream refers to the curiosity of a human’s mind. Interpreting these curiosities include some guesswork. But different theories will help you know the mysteries that your dreams might have. Physically, a person’s dream is considered as the response to the thoughts running in a person’s brain. But psychologically, your dream can also be the signal of the subconscious portion of your memory. Spiritually, your dreams can be guidelines, warnings, or messages that were sent to you by your loved ones who passed away or by the divine beings.

Importance of Dreaming about Someone

For you to know the different meanings of your dreams, we collected some theories for a deeper explanation. If you dream about someone, the most common and popular theory can be, you are thinking and looking for that particular person every second in your life. If we will link this kind of dream situation with scientific theories, it is commonly associated with the different factors, including relationship and personality that they have.
People in your dreams are just the reps of the qualities they possess that you wish to have someday, in the future. If you experience stress and depressions, there is a high possibility that the person who gave you anxiety and depression might appear on your dream. On the other hand, if you see your favorite person or the one who possesses peaceful quality, it symbolizes calmness and peacefulness in your life.

Dreaming About Someone You Have Feelings

When you dream about someone, it can be because of your attraction or feelings with that person. If that person in your dream has the same feeling for you, it symbolizes self-respect, self-confidence, and acceptance. However, if that person rejects you, it only means that you have lots of insecurities and lower self-esteem. The connections of situations in your dream are significant. It is because these situations and feelings in your dream can happen in reality.

Dreaming about Famous Individuals

The appearance of the famous individuals or celebrities in your dream can be your motivation to overcome your struggles in life. In addition, you can have the urge to discover your hidden skill or talent that might be similar to the famous person in your dream.

For instance, if you dream with a celebrity who is famous in the sports industry, it indicates that you have the urge to play the same sport of that sportsperson. Analyzing every situation in your dream with celebrities will help you to understand their meanings fully. Through that way, you will not just give your attention to that celebrity, but also you will concentrate on the possible explanations of the related events.

Dreaming about Someone Who Passed Away Years Ago

If you have a dream with the appearance of your loved ones, or any person who died symbolizes the bad company and negative influence. If that person is someone who has a strong relationship with you, that can be a symbolization of your solace from grief. Some situations lead you to have a strong connection with the deceased, which can also occur in the real world with the same situations. Dreaming with the dead also means the unresolved problems between both of you. It can also mean a valuable perspective and insight. This kind of dream will help you to know the things you want to discover.

As stated by some spiritual theories, if the cause of death of that person is suicide or murder, it could be their way of telling you that they need your help to disclose the case. If you are suffering from serious problems and depression, the appearance of the dead people in your dreams is their way of comforting and guiding you to take the right path of life.

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