Sri Yantra Symbol Meaning

The yantra is one of the contemplation and meditation tools used by practitioners of Tantra, who believe that a yantra is a symbol of cosmic unity.

Yantras are sacred representation of a deity and they can act as a protective shields against negative energies.

Yantra literally means a “machine” or “instrument” and all true yantras consist of few geometric shapes combined together:

  • Square with four, T-shape “gates” (Bhupura)
  • Triangles (Trikona)
  • Circle (Chakra)
  • Dot (Bindu)
  • Lotus flower with petals (Padma)

So what is the link between sacred geometry and Tantra?

All of the yantra elements correspond to different aspects of energy and consciousness.
Union between Shiva (represented by bindu) and Shakti (female deity represented by trikona) is symbolic to the source energy of creation.

What is Sri Yantra?

Sri Yantra, also known as the Yantra of Tripura Sundari or Shri Yantra, is the most powerful yantra, because it is a symbol of our entire cosmos.

Sri Yantra depicts divine union of polarities between the masculine and feminine principle and it illuminates the nature of Tantric practice.

The geometry of the Shri Yantra might seem easy to draw but it is actually extremely advanced, because it is not easy to make all of the triangles fit together in well-proportioned way.

Sri Yantra Geometry

An important aspect of this topic is the confluence of mathematics and spirituality. All yantras are geometrical designs that are used as aids in meditation and worship. These designs are characterized by a central point or dot from which geometric shapes radiate.

Sri Yantra is a 12,000-year-old mystical symbol which is considered the “mother of all Yantras”. The name translates to “holy instrument”, and is based on the Golden Proportion.

What is that, you ask?

Well, part of the mathematical allure is the fact that you see it all around you in nature, and that is nowhere as true as in the case of the magical number: 1.1618, better known as the Golden Proportion.

Golden Proportion Sri Yantra
Every natural pattern is composed regarding this ratio, from the ratio of the radii of successive spirals on a shell, to the way our auditory canal is aligned.
Yes, even our hearing is based on this proportion!

Mathematically, Sri Yantra also recreates the wave pattern created by the vibration of OM seed mantra.

Aside from nature, you will find this symbol in the art (Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man) as well as architecture (the positioning of the Great Pyramids of Giza).

Therefore, the Sri Yantra is based on a powerful, mathematical concept which is tightly linked to our world.

What are the benefits of Sri Yantra Meditation?

It is said that the meditation on the Sri Yantra will bring you contentment, peace of mind and focus.

Sri Yantra meditation can also bring you the tranquillity by clearing away the clutter in mind and balance your life-force energy.

Sri Yantra contains very powerful divine vibrations and high energies
Meditation with this sacred symbol will allow you to enhance your awareness, create a protective aura around your body and attract more financial abundance.

So, what’s the best way to perform Sri Yantra meditation?

Your goal should be to meditate on the symbol until it is engraved in your mind. This will result in bringing you closer to enlightenment and all secrets of the universe will be revealed to you.

It has been proven that simply staring at the central dot of the Sri Yantra, known as bindu, can positively affect the mind by stimulating the Pineal Gland.
Pineal Gland (Third Eye Chakra) is one of the most important keys to your spiritual awakening.

In a life which continues to become busier and more stressful, Sri Yantra symbol stands out as a provider of much-needed tranquillity and reminds us about importance of a deep, meditative focus.

Where To Place Sri Yantra?

If you are considering placing Sri Yantra art in your home, probably the best place is one of your biggest rooms.
Sri Yantra symbol is naturally captivating to the sense of vision, so I would recommend to put in the place where it can been seen from all angles – ideally on the wall facing West.

How to use Sri Yantra?

The best way to possess the Sri Yantra and subsequently use it for meditation is to consider getting Sri Yantra jewelry such as necklaces or bracelets.
They can be carried anywhere you go, and they will always remind you to slow down, focus and meditate.

Buy Sri Yantra Jewelry

Sri Yantra design is naturally appealing to the human mind, so you can also consider hanging it on your wall or any other place around your house.

In conclusion, Sri Yantra is a simple yet intricate device that you can employ in your daily life to increase focus and indulge in deeper meditative states.

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