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White Dream Catcher 

✔️Styles include wind chimes, vintage, lunar style, tapestry, etc.

✔️A white dream catcher an be placed anywhere in your home

✔️Some white models also available in different colors, too

✔️Different shapes and sizes for the hoops and the feathers or streamers

✔️White dreamcatchers are available in different sizes

The meaning of the white dream catcher

Dreamcatchers are, of course, those traditional hoop-and-web structures used by Native Americans to protect children from bad dreams. Nowadays they are used for all kinds of reasons, including design and home décor purposes. And, in a world where you can find design items in every color, dreamcatchers are no exception. You'll find black ones, blue ones, pink ones...

But a more popular color for dreamcatchers is that of white. These are available in all kinds of sizes, colors, and design styles. But why do they use the white color ? The white meaning can be any number of things. We in the West tend to think of it for being new and pristine, as well as peace, cleanliness, and purity. This is part of the reason why we associate white with weddings. Those are good meanings for the color, but there is many a different white color meaning in other cultures. For example, in Peru, white represents angels and good health, as well as the concept of time. In Europe, Korea, and other Asian countries, white is typically associated with death, mourning, sadness, and bad luck.

In Buddhist cultures, white symbolizes purity, as it does in the West. In the Middle East, white represents both purity and mourning—capturing both elements from the different cultures. And in Latin American countries, such as Mexico, white mixed with red is used for religious purposes.

White Dream Catcher Models

Many white dream catchers for sale can be found on our website, For instance, you can find a dreamcatcher with the yin-and-yang design. More specifically, this means that the dreamcatcher has black-and-white feathers, and the web design is that of the ancient Chinese symbol. This white dreamcatcher is a lovely choice to represent the truism that good and evil must always coexist. You can never have one without the other. In other words, it represents a way of accepting that you can never escape the bad things in life—just survive by adapting to them. The same symbolism can be seen in the Yin Yang Dreamcatcher, which is similar but different. This model also has the symbol in its hoop, but the large feathers are both black and white, and they're threaded onto the hoop via cords with thick white beads.

Another model we stock is the White Heart Dream Catcher. This model has a hoop in the shape of a heart, and is accompanied by puffy white feathers. The spiderweb design inside the hoop is made out of orange-colored thread. The whole dreamcatcher is about a foot and a half long. Further, another heart model you can find in our store is the Heart-Shaped Dream Catcher. These are available in white, as well as teal, cyan, violet, and pink.

Some models are examples of a white lace dreamcatcher. These models are made with lace and other related materials, which makes for a classy, elegant look. We offer, for example, the Handmade Lace Dream Catcher, which features a beautiful, intricate circular design in the web portion of the hoop. This design resembles the patterns you might see on doilies or other items made out of lace. This dreamcatcher also offers straight, hanging feathers, on cords of different lengths. Together, the differently sized strings make a pointed, triangular shape that points down to the ground.

White Dream Catcher Patterns and Styles

We already spoke about how we have dreamcatchers with heart and yin-and-yang designs. As well, we have a lunar-styled design. This dreamcatcher features large white feathers, thick and fluffy, which are in turn combined with small, triangular-shaped tassels. These small tassels hang directly down from the hoop of the dreamcatcher, rather than being attached to long cords. This dreamcatcher also lights up: its design incorporates LED lights.

In addition, the White Tapestry Dream Catcher features a beautiful web design that looks like an amazing flower with many petals. You can buy it in two different styles: either with blue feathers that look genuine, or a cool pattern made out of beads and white tassels. The edges of the hoop are also threaded with white fabric in an intricate, braid-like design. Finally, the Cute Handmade Dream Catcher features long, thick feathers in white, pink and light brown. The web is done up with a simpler design, with a single orange-colored gem in the center. This model is made out of wooden beads, feathers, wool, and hoops of iron.

Questions and answers

Why should I get a white dreamcatcher?

The white dreamcatcher meaning can refer to all kinds of things, including purity or elegance—making them perfect for a wedding gift—angels, or the concept of time. This means that, if you get a white dreamcatcher, it will be ideal for all kinds of purposes. As well, they look beautiful when placed on your wall. Some of them even double as wind chimes or LED light decorations.

What colors go well with white dreamcatchers?

To answer that, we have to look to color theory—the kind used by home décor artists. According to this theory, white decorations go well with pale purple, both light and navy blue, all shades of gray, hot and pale pink, green, and black. It's up to you on how to mix all these colors together. But note that, usually, a room will have two to four main colors in its scheme, not more.

Do white dreamcatchers make good gifts?

As a general rule they do, but you have to know the rules before giving one. First, it's better if you know the person and what their home looks like. If their rooms are in colors that don't go well with dreamcatchers, it might not be a good gift. Second, know the occasion. Dreamcatchers are great gifts for housewarming parties, birthdays, and even weddings. But they might not be a good gift for a couple’s anniversary. And third, find a dreamcatcher of decent quality. The ones on, for example, are made out of genuine beads, wood, wool, and other materials.

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