Why Do We Dream? – The Role of Having Dreams and Nightmares

Nightmares and dreams are various visions that will usually appear during particular phases in your life when you are asleep. Dreams are at their strongest state when the REM or the rapid eye movement of the person’s sleep. REM is the state of your sleep when you can remember some of the exact situations that happened in your dreams. The role of dreams in a person’s sleep might be enhancing brain function, blood pressure, metabolism, and different health factors. But, there are some instances when scholars don’t have sufficient evidence about the roles of a person’s dreams and nightmares.

At the state, when you awake, your feelings and ideas about your hallucinations might be associated with the situations in the real world. At the state, when your body is asleep, your memory will remain active. There are some periods that your dreams might not that important for you – no sense for short. It is because the emotional center of the person’s mind might trigger his or her dreams, instead of the logical regions.

Even though there is no conclusive confirmation, dreams and nightmares are generally considered as your autobiographical thoughts that are based on your previous issues, conversations, and activities. Though, you may search various theories regarding the role of the dreams and nightmares in the person’s life.

The Role of Dreams in Your Life

Various brain scientists argue about the real purpose of dreams in human life. And the following are some of the theories that might give you ideas about the use of dreams in your life. Keep on reading and enjoy!

Dreams as Memory Aides

One of the most popular theories in regard with the dream’s purposes in your life is that both dreams and nightmares will help you to collect and remember all the things you have experienced, remove the unnecessary situations in your life, and categorize your complicated feelings and thoughts.

Different studies concluded that having a better nighttime sleep will help you to collect and remember memories. If you discover new ideas and fall asleep, you can remember all of these with exact information.

Many researchers might not have sufficient information to understand how dreams will affect the recalling and storing skill of a person’s brain. But nightmares and dreams will help your memory to effectively save significant situations while removing the stimuli that might affect the learning skills and memory of the person.

Dreams as Your Muse

One of the theories associated with dreams is that dreams are considered as your muse. It will help you to guide your creativity skills. Writers and other artists give thanks to their dreams of giving them inspiring ideas and topic to create a creative work of art. At some points in your life, you might find yourself looking for your papers and pencil or other coloring materials to start sketching and writing poems or songs.

Dreams as Your Fight-or-Flight Training

Amygdala is a part of a person’s mind that is usually active when a person is dreaming. Amygdala is one of the portions of a memory that is linked with the fight-or-flight response and the survival instinct.

One of the theories about amygdala stated that this part of your brain is more active in the dreamland compared to the real world. And it might be the way of your brain to make you ready in dealing with the possible threats that may come in your life in the future.

Luckily, the brainstem will send the nerve signals out of your brain during the REM stage of your sleep that will make your brain cells and muscles feel calmed and relaxed. Through that, in your sleep, you will not feel any threats that will trigger you to punch or run.

Dreams as Your Therapists

Both of your nightmares and dreams can be one of the ways of provoking the various dramas of your life. And since your mind can operate more level of emotional dramas when you are asleep compared to the time when you are active, your memory can create connections with the different emotions that your real body can’t do.

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