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Large and Big Dream Catchers 

✔️Many large dreamcatchers can be found on

✔️Big dreamcatcher styles are available

✔️Amazing themes and patterns, including beautiful hearts

✔️Perfect for windows, walls, and hanging above your bed

✔️Can be purchased in all kinds of designs and colors

Large Dream Catcher Description and Features

Do you want to decorate your living room, bedroom, or other living space with beautiful items? If so, then consider using a large dream catcher. A big dream catcher is a good choice for multiple reasons. The larger design will let you emphasize the different colors and complexities in its style. Plus, it goes well with other large pieces of furniture, like colonial wagon wheels and spinning wheels.

Also, a large dream catcher for wall is a good choice for bathrooms, patios and balconies, bedrooms, and living rooms. You can also put them next to windows or other openings that lead outside. This means that they will sway in the breeze when there is wind, which creates a very pretty effect. Also, for the wind-chime type of dreamcatchers, the wind blowing through them will create an amazing, kind of music. Like the design of the dreamcatchers themselves, this music is influenced by the beauty of nature.

Big Dream Cather Models

We at have many unique dream catchers for sale. We have all kinds of dreamcatchers for your home and style, like the large white dream catcher. There are also wind chimes dreamcatchers—these make beautiful whistling noises when the wind passes through them—and dreamcatchers made out of lace. Some are in the shape of hearts, with long, pretty tassels.Others, like a large white dreamcatcher, look like tapestries. Most of them made with beads, with decorative feathers, and they have intricate designs. They really do look like spiderwebs. Some of them, like the Purple Feather and Handmade Heart Dreamcatchers, have many circular designs stacked on top of each other. They are connected by string in between the hoops.

Large Dream Catcher Patterns and Styles also offers styles of dreamcatchers with different colored feathers and hoops. The hoops are strung with intricate patterns, which are easier to see because of how big these dreamcatchers are. Plus, some of our models are stacked one hoop on top of the other. The higher hoops are bigger, so you can see the patterns better. You can also see the designs of the hoops better.

We have different kinds of hoops: there are circular ones, and ones shaped like hearts. The Luminous White Dreamcatcher even has pointed triangles that look like cat ears. Other details will show up well because the dreamcatchers are so big. For example, the Indian Lace & Stone Dream Catcher has lovely hanging lace.

The Handmade Tassel Heart Dreamcatcher is similar, except the tassels are longer and made out of a different material.The Lace Flower Dream Catcher is similar, too, except that the amazing hoop pattern looks like a flower instead of a spiderweb. We also stock other kinds of hoop designs. For example, the heart-tassel dreamcatcher we spoke about earlier has a latticework pattern in the middle of the heart.

Other dreamcatchers, like the Colorful Wind Chimes Handmade Dream Catcher, have a similar kind of flower pattern, but with many petals. These different hoop patterns emphasize the different materials that our dreamcatchers are made of: rattan, lace, decorative feathers, and so on.

Questions and answers

Why should I invest in a large dream catcher?

Dreamcatchers are a terrific design choice because they have different shapes: circular hoops, triangular feathers, and circular beads. Dreamcatchers will also help contribute to a calm and relaxing environment in your bedroom, bathroom, patio or balcony: they will help you think of beautiful dreams and your childhood. They are also pretty in general, with many colors available, including pink, blue, purple, yellow, and orange, and streamers made of rattan as well as feathers. There are different kinds of feathers available, too: some have realistic-looking bird feathers, while others have puffy white ones.

What are the benefits of bigger dreamcatchers compared to smaller ones?

You should consider decorating with a nice extra large dreamcatcher for different reasons. Bigger dreamcatchers are a good choice because the intricate designs will show up well on the large surface. You have more potential style ideas with them, too: you can put them on the wall instead of a tapestry or large painting. You can even put them above your bed instead of a painting or a bed canopy.

Are there other uses for a large dreamcatcher?

Large dreamcatchers can make a good gift for a housewarming party, so that your friend or family member has something big and beautiful to decorate their whole room with. It can also be a good gift for a white elephant gift exchange: the guests will be excited to switch other gifts to get the big, pretty dreamcatcher. Finally, we already mentioned that some models of dreamcatchers have wind chimes inside them. They will make beautiful music while swinging in the wind. In other words, if you're looking to get wind chimes, a big dreamcatcher with chimes inside is an excellent option.

What design styles go good with the big dream catcher?

The big dream catcher is an excellent design item for all kinds of styles. They are available in different styles, and are compatible with different styles of décor, like colonial, boho or bohemian, New Age, colonial, and Native American (northern and southern). Naturally, they go well with indigenous decorations, including moccasins, Native headdresses, and the chevron designs of the Navajo people (Dene).They are also very compatible with the designs of inukshuks, arrowheads, birdmen, and campfires.

Large dream catchers go well with animal designs drawn in traditional styles: turtles, eagles, ravens, turkeys, bears, butterflies, and paw prints. They go very well with the circle symbols present in Native cultures, which represent seasonal cycles and the cycle of life and death. This is because of the circular shape of the dreamcatcher, but also because of its symbolism of children growing up.

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